Mazda for MazdaChallenge

Project information

"This project aimed to showcase the architecture of a Mazda dealership branch called Ravisa, where vehicles are exhibited and can be interacted with both inside and outside using gyroscope or VR glasses. The platform uses a user registration system and features a demo race with the MX5. The virtual platform replicates the physical space of the Ravisa dealership and allows users to explore the premises and interact with the displayed vehicles. Users can use the gyroscope or VR glasses to move around and get a 360-degree view of the vehicles, both inside and outside. This provides a unique and immersive experience that allows potential customers to explore the dealership and its offerings in a virtual environment. The platform also includes a user registration system that allows users to create an account and save their preferences, such as the vehicles they are interested in or their preferred contact method. Additionally, the platform features a demo race that allows users to experience the MX5's capabilities and get a sense of the driving experience. Overall, this platform provides a powerful tool for Mazda dealerships to showcase their offerings and engage with potential customers in an interactive and immersive way."