Pucky for UDEM

Project information

"This project was a quick activation for university booths where users participated in a downhill skiing activity, and depending on how long they lasted, they would receive prizes such as discounts or scholarships. To further enhance the user experience and promote the university's branding, a custom mascot was modeled and incorporated into the platform. The mascot was designed to embody the institution's values and personality, and was used to greet users and guide them through the activation. Additionally, the university's branding was prominently featured throughout the platform, including the use of the institution's logo and color scheme. The platform utilized Unity and Kinect technology to detect the user's movements. The platform replicated a downhill skiing environment that allowed users to use their body movements to control their virtual skier. The Kinect sensor tracked the user's movements, which were translated into movements in the game. The longer the user lasted on the slope, the greater the chance of winning a prize. This activation was designed to be a fun and engaging way to attract visitors to the university's booths and increase awareness of the institution's offerings. The prizes served as incentives to encourage users to participate and engage with the university representatives. Overall, this project demonstrated the potential of gamification as a marketing tool and showcased the versatility of Unity and Kinect technology for creating interactive experiences."